The history of the company

23. Februar 1836 Mentioned in the land register for the first time
4. November 1869 Mentioned as a military camp
1. September 1902 Owner Karl Kurt Lippmann
20. August 1916 Owner Heinrich Simon / Dr. jun. Walter Hahnemann
20. October 1916 Company Max Hahnemann GmbH, Berlin
19. January 1923 Joint stock company Max Hahnemann Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin
10. September 1930    Transfer of ownership to the joint stock company Oskar Skaller Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin
28 March 1939 Company Verbandstoff-Industrie GmbH, Berlin
22 April 1947 Company Bruno Bittermann GmbH, formerly Verbandstoff-Industrie GmbH, Berlin
23 June 1952 „Property of the people“, Town Council of Frankenberg Bruno Bittermann GmbH
23 June 1972 „Property of the people“ – as state-owned enterprise "Textile Verbandstoffe in Frankenberg"; following an application of the District Council for Karl-Marx-Stadt dated 14 June 1972 - VEB Vliestextilien Lößnitztal
1 July 1990 Transformation of the state-owned enterprise „VEB Vliestextilien Lösnitztal“ into „Vliestex GmbH Lößnitztal“
1 March 1993 Founding of FESMED Verbandmittel GmbH from the assets of Vliestex GmbH Lößnitztal