Products from Bandage Cellulose, Highly Bleached

Description and application:

  • Made of highly bleached cellulose fibres in the form of several creped single layers which are laid one above the other and felted with each other, TCF (totally chlorine-free bleached), meeting the requirements of DAB (monograph of highly bleached bandage cellulose - cellulosum ligni depuratum);
  • Soft and abrasion-proof, can be used in various areas of medicine, in particular for wound care in combination with other wound care systems as an additional,cost-effective absorbent, protective and padding material; in the case of minor injuries as absorbant padding and for "minor disinfection".

Bandage Cellulose, Pre-Packed


  • Delivered in printed flap bags, ready for sale in a pharmac

Cellulose Pads


  • In special collapsible boxes;
  • In printed flap bags

Bandage Cellulose Cuts


  • 1,000 g original packs in a flap bag;
  • 5 kg and 10 kg original packs in a cardboard box, in part as rolls wrapped in foil, ready for sale in a pharmacy