Overview of Gauze Swabs

Our range of supply includes the following variants:

  • FES-TUPF®- triangular hat-style form based on the FESMED technology;
  • Ball-shaped gauze swabs, cut edges held inside tightly by way of a rubber ring;
  • Ball-shaped gauze swabs, without a rubber ring

Description and application:

  • 100% cotton, aseptic gauze, DIN EN 14079, Ph. Eur., type 20;
  • to halt bleeding and for surgical cleaning, as well as for large-area skin disinfection.


  • Non-sterile: Packed in pressure seal bags;
  • Sterile: Sealed in special-paper bags with sterilisation indicator, packed in a collapsible box


The various size designations found on the market are compared below to facilitate orientation. The number of the FESMED designation is used as the reference size.

Number Description FES-TUPF®
Triangular, hat-style form Side length
Ball-shaped gauze swabs,
without rubber ring
Ball-shaped gauze swabs,
with rubber ring
3 Lentil-size Approx. 1.0 cm    
4 Pea-size Approx. 1.3 cm    
6 Bean-size Approx. 1,5 cm    
9 Hazelnut-size Approx. 2,0 cm   Approx. 2,0 cm
12 Walnut-size Approx. 3,5 cm   Approx. 2,5 cm
15x15 Walnut-size   Approx. 2,5 cm  
20x20 Plum-size   Approx. 3,0 cm  
15 Plum-size Approx. 5,0 cm   Approx. 3,5 cm
15b Egg-size   Approx. 4,0 cm  
30 Extra-large   Approx. 6,0 cm  
40 Extra-large   Approx. 7,0 cm